Here are a list of our regular classes:  
**Adult Homebuilders class in the fellowship hall led by Jon Stewart
**Koinonia class in the last classroom on the left upstairs led by Maryann Collins.
**Senior High (grades 9-12)–meet in the second classroom on the right in the upstairs hallway with Bobbilyn Latimer & Jake Lowry leading
**Middle School (grades 6-8)–left down the upstairs hall and the first room on the right with Tammi Martin & Katie Stewart leading.
**Grades 4-5 meet in the youth room at the end of the hallway downstairs with John & Renae Shawgo leading.
**Grades 2-3 meet in the first class on the right downstairs with Miss Sue Mathieson leading.
**Pre-K and Kindergarten & 1st grade will meet with Miss Betsy–downstairs hallway to the right and second door on the left
**The Toddlers meet in the first classroom on the left downstairs with Miss Jodi Hensel and Miss Judy Brown leading. 
All the youth classes will be taught by Pastor Jeff beginning June 12th for the summer months.  They will be in the pavilion (weather permitting) or the youth room at the end of the downstairs hallway.