Under 3-  Mrs. Kathy Schepp helps prepare the littlest ones for their journey through Sunday School
Preschool/Kindergartners- (4-6 years old) – Mrs. Betsy Horchler begins  the little ones teaching them Bible lessons and stories.
As children progress, they are grouped into classes by grade level:
1st & 2nd (Mrs. Sue Mathieson) This classes begins at the beginning of the bible!!
3rd thru 5th (Mrs. Tammi Martin, Ms. Katie Stewart, & Mrs. Sue Grimm)
These classes offer the basics of Salvation, the Doctrines of our faith, and spend time studying scripture and dealing with matter that relate to their specific age groups.      
6th – 8th (Mrs. Connie Lowry) The students in this class work together to learn and grow through the bible.
9th – 12th (Mr. Jake Lowry)  These classes focus on studying individual books of the Bible as well as other topics such as how to share your faith, establishing a prayer and Bible reading routine, etc.
Koinonia – led by Mrs. Mary Ann Collins–study a variety of material including books and studies pertaining to today’s life.
Homebuilder’s – led by Mr. Jon Stewart–We delve into many topics; most of what we do is video based.  
ReJoys/New Member – led by Mrs. Bertie Hensel & Pastor Jeff Hurst–This is a group of Senior Citizens mixed with new attendees, trying to understand the truths of the Bible in this complicated world!