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What is happening this Sunday at Leesburg?        The leadership at Leesburg has decided to cancel our regularly scheduled services this Sunday March 29.  You can view a special message from Pastor Jeff this Sunday morning by going to our YouTube channel “leesburgmedia” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGCmUf9xBy0oIjh5BH453hg)  or by going to our church Facebook page “Leesburg Presbyterian Church -ECO” (https://www.facebook.com/Leesburg-Presbyterian-Church-ECO-464279860991317/).   A DVD copy can be mailed to anyone who calls in a request to the church office.          It is intended and recommended that most of our congregation will observe this hour of prayer and perspective in their homes.  A few may gather in the fellowship hall for prayer from 11:00 – 12:00, but we want to demonstrate love for our neighbors and honor those the Lord has placed in authority by complying with the request that groups not exceed 10 persons.   It is especially important that those who are at higher risks take appropriate measures for their own health and safety by avoiding gatherings, and that anyone who is not feeling well or who has recently traveled stay home for their own health and the benefit of others.     If anyone is in need of assistance, please contact the church office (724)748-4670.         Most ministries and committee meetings have been postponed for the remainder of the month of March, and church office hours will be irregular.   You can always reach Tracy at 724-730-7078 or by email at leesburgecochurch@gmail.com or leave a message on the church answering machine.   You may also contact Pastor Jeff by email at revjeffwv@gmail.com or call/text at 724-992-2473.         Tithes and Offerings can be sent by mail until we are able to meet together again which may not be for a while.    Leesburg ECO Presbyterian Church 1831 Perry Hwy Volant, PA 16156   God bless you all and may the Lord give you peace in this time of turmoil and may you shine as a beacon of hope to those who are despairing.   -Pastor Jeff