Here are a list of our regular classes:  
**Adult Homebuilders class in the fellowship hall led by Jon Stewart
**Koinonia class in the last classroom on the left upstairs led by Maryann Collins.
**Senior High (grades 9-12)–meet in the second classroom on the right in the upstairs hallway with Bobbilyn Latimer & Jake Lowry leading
**Middle School (grades 6-8)–left down the upstairs hall and the last room on the right with Tammi Martin & Katie Stewart leading.
**Grades 4-5 meet in the youth room at the end of the hallway downstairs with John & Renae Shawgo leading.
**Grades 2-3 meet in the first class on the right downstairs with Miss Sue Mathieson leading.
**Pre-K and Kindergarten & 1st grade will meet with Miss Betsy–downstairs hallway to the right and second door on the left
**The Toddlers meet in the first classroom on the left downstairs with Miss Jodi Hensel and Miss Judy Brown leading.