Our Dinner Theater ministry has been a blessing to many since our 1st performance of “A Little Dinner Magic” in 1987.

Leesburg Lighthouse Productions was a product of several families at Leesburg Presbyterian Church. Most of us were in our thirties with children and wanted to participate in an activity that our children could be involved in and was suitable for them as well We decided to start theater in the church. Theater had been done at Leesburg previously with the youth group as well as Christmas productions. So we had some basis to start out with. Our first production was a mini drama called “A Little Dinner Magic” along with various sketches involving all age groups. We decided to serve baked potatoes along with pie for dessert. This was the beginning of our dinner theater. We held it in our old basement and had sound produced with old equipment. If you touched certain parts of this equipment, you would be electrically shocked.

At first, we only did spring productions. In 1990 we traveled to England to attend the World’s Christian Endeavor Convention. This trip inspired some of the group to want to perform something British. We researched and found an English tradition called the “Boars Head Festival”. This ceremony was usually performed with pomp and circumstance. We attended one in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania that was wonderfully performed with elegant costuming, orchestra and singing. We at Leesburg did not think that we wanted to perform something of that magnitude or attitude. We researched one that fit our personalities. This was one of celebration along with dinner, fun and fellowship! Since that first show, we have performed this production four other times with various age groups involved.
We now host 2 dinner theaters a year (spring and fall).  If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this, please contact the church office at 724-748-4670 or leesburgecochurch@gmail.com