We, the members of Leesburg ECO Presbyterian Church, believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of humankind.  We believe that He has called us to ministry, in His name, through His Spirit. We specifically believe that God has called our particular church, as part of the family of God through Scriptures, to the following emphases of ministry:
*Preaching . . . Proclaiming through worship, the Word of God, in concrete and contemporary ways.
*Teaching . . .  Providing educational experiences where participants may growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.
*Reaching . . . Encouraging others to surrender to Jesus Christ, while promotingservice in God’s name.
With the guidance and power of God’s Holy Spirit, we strive to be faithful disciples individually and together. We promise God and one another to be involved in worship, education, outreach, and fellowship through the giving of our time, talents, and offerings.